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JA Central Ontario

JA Central Ontario, a not-for-profit organization that provides youth with invaluable experience through entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness was celebrating its 50th anniversary in May 2018. As part of the celebrations, JA was offering a unique opportunity to win an up-close experience with one of eight business leaders. JA hired Beacon to generate media coverage about, and increase awareness of, the chapter among the Toronto business community and drive interest in future sponsorship opportunities.


Beacon developed a targeted media relations strategy that:

  • Levered the 50th anniversary as a news hook

  • Offered Bruce Rothney, CEO, Barclays Canada, one of the eight participating business leaders, for media opportunities

  • Focused on the importance of youth acquiring entrepreneurial skills and experience to succeed in an economy that is being transformed by artificial intelligence, robotics and technological advancements


Results included:

  • A lengthy by-lined article by Bruce Rothney (prepared by Beacon), which made numerous positive references to JA Central Ontario and the importance of corporations supporting JA. The article ran in the print and digital editions of The Globe and Mail.

  • A lengthy by-lined article by Bruce Rothney (supported by Beacon) about the importance of preparing students for future success; JA Central Ontario received numerous mentions. The article ran in the digital edition of The National Post’s Financial Post.


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